Year 2 Accelerated Algebra and Calculus.

* Please make sure that you have taken the Maths Diagnostic Test. Instructions are on the WebCT page. The deadline is Monday 26th September at 2pm. *

The lecture notes for this course can be found here.

The exam guidance can be found here.

Course Times:
We will meet Wednesday 2-4pm and Friday 2-4pm in Week 1. In all other weeks, we will meet Monday 2-4pm and Friday 2-4pm.

Example Sheets:
Many are already contained in the lecture notes. Others will be added here Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3, Sheet 4

Weekly Assignments:
Week 2: 1.10, 2.4 solution
Week 3: 9.7 solution
Week 4: 11.2, 12.5 solution
Week 5: Geometry and Convergence 5.4 and 5.6. solution
Week 6: Sheet 2 (above) Q8. solution
Week 7: Group Theory Notes: Q4(i)(ii) and prove Lemma 3.2.1. solution
Week 8: Group Theory Notes: Q35(i) and Solving Equations 14.5 and 14.6. solution
Week 9: Sheet 4 Q2A, Solving Equations 18.2 solution
Week 10: Solving Equations 19.4 and 20.8 solution

Advice on the exam can be found here. There are two practice exams, and they can be found here and here. The solutions to one of the practice exams is here