Topological manifolds seminar

This was a seminar course on the theory of topological manifolds, in which the participants gave the talks.
Notes from the talks will contribute to the lecture notes project from the previous lecture course.

Lecture notes after the seminar, including notes from the talks below.

List of topics and schedule.

Notes from talks:

Topological manifolds are Euclidean Neighbourhood Retracts by Raphael Floris.

The Alexander horned sphere and Bing's hooked rug by Franca Lippert.

The double suspension of the Mazur homology 3-sphere by Fadi Mezher.

Finding a boundary for an open manifold by Alice Merz.

Homotopy invariance for microbundles by Cara Hobohm.

Counting topological manifolds by Magdalina Von Wunsch.

The engulfing theorem and uniqueness of PL structures on Euclidean space of dimension at least 5 by Diego Santoro.

A non PL-able manifold by Ekin Ergen.

Rochlin's theorem by Christian Kremer.

Explicit immersions of a punctured n-torus in ℝn and Kirby's torus trick for surfaces and 3-manifolds by Daniel Galvin, Weizhe Niu, and Benjamin Ruppik.


Talks were streamed through Zoom. Some recordings were made available afterwards, depending on the wishes of the speaker. Bonn participants: check eCampus, others please email us for access to the recordings.

Time: 1015-1200, German time.
Dates: Wednesdays, April 21st 2021 - July 23rd 2021.

Contact details:


Here is a collection of references and links.

General resources
Rob Kirby's lectures, Edinburgh, November 2012.
Andrew Ranicki's collection of references.
Foundational essays on topological manifolds, smoothings, and triangulations by R. Kirby and L. Siebenmann.
Geometric topology notes by S. Ferry.
Recent advances in topological manifolds by A. Casson.
Original handwritten version of Casson's lecture notes by A. Ranicki.
Fragments of Geometric Topology from the Sixties by S. Buonchristiano.
Lecture notes on topological manifolds by A. Kupers.
Counting topological manifolds by J. Cheeger and J. Kister.

Wild embeddings and approximation for embeddings
Some wild cells and spheres in three-dimensional space by E. Artin and R. Fox.
Embeddings in manifolds by R. Daverman and G. Venema.
Topological embeddings by T. B. Rushing.

Collars on boundaries
Locally Flat Imbeddings of Topological Manifolds by M. Brown.
A new proof of Brown's collaring theorem by R. Connelly.
Collars and concordances of topological manifolds by M. Armstrong.

Schoenflies theorem
A proof of the generalized Schoenflies theorem by M. Brown.
The canonical Schoenflies theorem by D.B. Gauld.

Microbundles by J. Milnor.
Microbundles and differentiable structures by J. Milnor.
Microbundles are fibre bundles by J. Kister.
On normal microbundles by M. Hirsch.
An embedding without a normal microbundle by C.P. Rourke and B.J. Sanderson.

Torus trick
Stable homeomorphisms and the annulus conjecture by R. Kirby.
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Homeomorphism groups
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Homotopy tori
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Piecewise Linear manifolds
Seminar on combinatorial topology by C. Zeeman.
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